Batman: Arkham City multiplayer 'was considered'

Rocksteady refuses to rule out Batman multiplayer in the future

We've already been told outright that Batman: Arkham City will be a strictly single-player experience, but that doesn't mean that the idea hasn't entered developer Rocksteady's head.

"We considered it pretty briefly," Rocksteady marketing game manager Dax Ginn told CVG, before saying that the idea was quickly dropped since it would hurt production overall.


"Also it didn't really make a lot of sense for a game that is so single character-centric."

Does that mean we'll never be able to take Batman online as long as Rocksteady is custodian of the cave? Not necessarily; Ginn is more than aware of the increasing demand for multiplayer and doesn't want to rule anything out in the future:

"I can totally see that multiplayer is a super popular thing and online playability seems to be growing and something that people desire. So I can't say what's going to happen down the track but for Arkham City we're focused on the single-player experience."

Last month Ginn pointed out that Arkahm City multiplayer would have effectively resulted in two average games rather than one awesome one, and assured us that the single-player campaign will do more than enough to keep players satisfied without online facilities.

Gearbox president Randy Pitchford said today that publishers are forcing developers to include multiplayer modes in games that don't necessarily suit online play in a misguided bid to match the feature set of blockbusters like Call of Duty.