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Rebellion developing Sniper Elite V2

Console sequel to third person tactical WWII shooter revealed

Aliens vs. Predator and Star Wars BattleFront developer Rebellion has announced that it's working on a console sequel to 2005's third person tactical WWII shooter Sniper Elite.

The Oxford-based studio said this afternoon that it expects Sniper Elite V2 to revitalise "a genre all of its own" when it's published by 505 Games next year.

The original saw players take on the role of an American secret agent disguised as a German sniper in Berlin during the final days of World War II. PC Zone labelled it "mostly harmless" in its review.


505 MD Ian Howe said: "We're very excited to be working with Rebellion on this highly anticipated sequel. Sniper Elite has always been the benchmark of the genre and never been bettered....until now.

"Guaranteed that the sequel will be the most authentic WW2 sniping experience ever - not just in terms of weapon ballistics, but also in delivering the heart-pulsing tension of those do or die moments where one shot really does matter."