Knights Contract

Breach of contract

God of War, Bayonetta, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Dante's Inferno, Tomb Raider...

Action-adventure game fans have never had it so good, which makes this monstrosity's existence all the more baffling. Story-wise, there's not a great deal wrong here. You play an executioner named Heinrich doomed to walk the land for eternity as punishment for killing good witches during medieval witch trials.

Unfortunately said witches are resurrected and - save for one benevolent lady called Gretchen who becomes your companion - plot to exact their revenge on mankind. It may not sound original but we'll admit the tale strung us along for a few hours.


What follows is a fairly rudimentary copycat of Dante's Inferno with some offensive magic abilities so powerful and so plentiful there's little reason to dip beneath the surface of the combat system. Yes, there's undoubtedly fun to be had flinging special moves and fatalities at everything that moves every couple of seconds, but the brainless action is ultimately a cheap way of making the game look flashy.

Being near invincible has its problems, though. It's possible to get sliced into little bits and if that happens you must button-mash to piece yourself back together. During this time your companion Gretchen usually decides to trade her brain for a sack of creamed macaroni and thinks nothing of wading into trouble.

Normally it's not an issue but there are some insanely tough bosses - with no checkpoints, we might add - that can kill you both in one hit: bosses that take tens of minutes to down and are then followed by tough quick-time events, which reward failure by making you fight the boss again.

It's sheer, game-breaking madness, and even the best story in the world couldn't compensate for these crimes

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The verdict

An almost passable Dante's Inferno knock-off spoilt by some bad features

  • Occasionally interesting story
  • Special moves are entertaining
  • Inconsistent difficulty
  • Poor AI
Xbox 360
Namco Bandai
Namco Bandai