A look at Rare's canned Kameo 2

'Realistic' sequel was in development - images online

Images of Microsoft and Rare's canned Kameo sequel have appeared online, and it looks like they were planning a more realistic art direction for the 360 fantasy game.

CVG revealed back in 2009 that the Kameo sequel was just one casualty of a Microsoft project cull at Rare, to make way for more Natal development.


Now, Sergey Rakhmanov, who worked at Rare for 7 years as a Senior Graphic Engineer and is currently looking for a job, has posted some images of his past projects - released and canned - over on his blog.

The artwork shows the above bombshell Kameo 2 design, plus work on an unnamed fantasy game and a fitness title for Kinect, all of which have presumably been canned. There's even a video of Kameo in action here

Speaking to Edge last year Rare creative director George Andreas admitted that discussing Kameo is still "painful" for the developer, and that after moving a title about a fairy away from the family-friendly Nintendo audience towards the shooter-loving Xbox crowd, there was only one thing to do: Lie and say Kameo was an elf.

We're OK with fairies, Rare. And we want more.