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iPhone 'not made' for hardcore games, says Street Fighter producer

Would people play hardcore games on iPhone? Ono-san doesn't think so...

Despite a version of Street Fighter IV having already been released for Apple's iOS platform, producer Yoshinori Ono says he isn't convinced hardcore games can succeed on the platform.

Speaking in an interview with CVG, Ono-san was asked if the more complete version of Super Street Fighter IV developed for the Nintendo 3DS could work on the iPad, given the performance boost the second generation of the hardware has received.

Ono replied by saying that comparisons drawn between the power of the 3DS and the iPad 2 only look at the hardware on a superficial level, and that the 3DS' is a stronger platform since it was developed entirely for gaming.

"When people say the capabilities are the same they're obviously only looking at graphics. OK, in terms of graphics it might be possible but iPad 2 and iPhone are primarily smart phone device plus alpha, whereas 3DS is designed for games," he said.

"There is a difference between something that is made for playing games and something that can 'also' play games. Even if they appear similar at times the pool of tools available behind the screen is totally different.


"All these features and pockets that the 3DS has as a games console just can't be compared with an iPhone and iPad where people can 'also' use it to play games but it is primarily a phone and app device," he explained.

Returning to the question, Ono said he felt that although "a glimpse" of Street Fighter can be experienced on the iPhone ultimately he feels that people don't want to play hardcore games on them.

"A glimpse of Street Fighter can be enjoyed on iPhone but would people really play hardcore games on them? I don't think so, because they're just not made for them. At the end of the day game consoles are for games so it's quite clearly divided and differentiated," he said.

"I should emphasise that the difference is in 'for' and 'can', so it 'can play games' or 'it's for games'. It's only one word but it is very very important, that word differentiates everything," he added.

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