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Mass Effect 3: First art

BioWare sequel confirmed for next Game Informer

The first Mass Effect 3 artwork has appeared online, via the cover on US retail mag Game Informer.

The mag promises 12 pages of "exclusive info, screens, and art that no Mass Effect fan should miss."


GI writes: "Commander Shepard has already saved the galaxy twice, but the final entry in the Mass Effect trilogy could be either the hero's last stand or finest hour. Earth is in jeopardy, entire civilizations are at risk, and we've got all the details."

Mass Effect 3 details are also confirmed for the next issues of UK mags PSM3, OXM and Xbox World 360.

So far all we've seen of the third game is the impressive teaser trailer from December last year.

The GI details should be online within the week. As always keep your RSS feed pointed at CVG, and we'll deliver you the goods.