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Ridge Racer Unbounded 'similar to NFS, Burnout'

Director Masamichi Yamazaki breaks the silence on mystery Ridge Racer

Capcom director Masamichi Yamazaki has dropped the first nugget of info on the mysterious Ridge Racer Unbounded since its debut trailer suggested a significant change of direction for the series.

The trailer showed series starlet Reiko crashing into other cars in an open city environment, but the all-CGI flick offered little real insight into how this will transpire into the actual game. We thought it looked like a move towards Burnout Paradise, which might not be too far off the mark.


Breaking the silence on the title, Yamazaki has told Siliconera that while Ridge Racer's always carved its own niche with those over-the-top powerslides and wacky courses, Unbounded will bare more similarities to other popular arcade racers.

"Ridge Racer has traditionally been a game, which appeals to the mass market due to its simple arcade-like feeling," he said. "With Ridge Racer Unbounded, it's more similar to Need for Speed or Burnout instead of the traditional Ridge Racer."

Further reinforcing Namco's intention to change up the series, Yamazaki added: "Ridge Racer should be able to try different directions. Even compared to other racing series they have different themes and styles. I believe Ridge Racer can also do this and give players a game with a new direction."

Are you excited or worried?

[ SOURCE: Siliconera ]