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Super Street Fighter IV 'Oni Akuma' screens

Arcade Edition characters seemingly headed to consoles

Yesterday evening, a video seemingly confirmed that all the new characters, tweaks and features introduced in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition would be making their way to consoles as DLC.

While the video was later pulled, presumably by Capcom ahead of an official announcement, the publisher has released a few images of Oni Akuma - one of four new characters introduced in the Arcade Edition - for Street Fighters to feast their eyes on.

Oni seems to be based on Gouken and will almost certainly be a high-power low health type of fighter, making him feel quite similar to his previous incarnations as Shin Akuma.


The two most obvious benefits to playing as Oni are the ability to execute an air dash, which no other character in the game has, and a teleport attack. Also, he looks bad ass.

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