Nintendo shares down 17% since 3DS launch

Stock plunges in the wake of natural disasters and new hardware release

Nintendo shares have taken a major hit since late February when the company launched the 3DS in Japan.

According to Wall St Nation, Nintendo shares have fallen 17 percent over the last month and a bit, and the company is now trading at less than five percent from its 52-week low.

The natural disasters in Japan - which led to a number of game delays - and concerns over the performance of 3DS are cited as reasons traders continue to put pressure on the platform holder's stock.


As Andriasang points out, 3DS has sold 836,000 units to date in Japan, well below the 1.5 million Nintendo said it had planned on shipping to the country by the end of its fiscal year on March 31.

PSP also overtook 3DS to become Japan's bestselling console during the week ended April 3, representing the first time 3DS hasn't topped the weekly rankings since launch.

In the UK, where Nintendo sold 113,000 3DS units in the system's first two days of availability, the company has moved to refute reports of "record return levels" after The Sun claimed "thousands" suffered headaches and dizziness playing the new handheld.