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Ubisoft CEO: 'We can topple Activision, EA'

"It's not certain, but we are taking the steps that we think will get us there"

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot believes the company has the capability to overtake EA and Activision to become the world's leading publisher.

Speaking to MCV, he said EA's decision to sell its stake in Ubisoft has left the French company in a strong position to grow its business.


"When they left it changed lots of things for us. We had a competitor owning a share of the company and we were always wary that they could decide they would go for the company - and that wouldn't have been welcome," Guillemot said.

"The problem is that when you have the number one player in your company, you can't buy another company that would be in conflict with them or their strategy.

"So now we are totally independent again, we feel a lot better, we are number three and our goal is to beat those guys, EA and Activision, at some point. We got from number 25 to number three, so we think that we can continue and that it is possible to be number one. It's not certain, but we are taking the steps that we think will get us there."

Last month, Ubisoft obtained an injunction from the Superior Court of Québec in a bid to stop rival THQ poaching its staff.