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The 7 worst PS3 exclusives

The world's opinion on the worst stinkers to hit the PS3

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As much as the premise sounded more like Sega's wishful thinking about being a big player in the console industry than anything else, the game itself was even further removed from reality.

The battle system was deeply flawed because the health/magic system became a game of percentages - the computer triggers healing spells once your character's health goes below a certain percentage, if you didn't have enough points to make the cure spell occur one-hundred percent of the time, then the spell could not happen at all and you'd just die. The game also is plagued with a complete absence of difficulty: transforming Neptune into goddess mode meant the majority of bosses presented no more challenge than a gentle breeze.

Kung-Fu Rider
Sony, 2010

If a game were to ever embody what is wrong with the Playstation Move, this would be it. Kung-Fu Rider required you to flail your limbs about insanely in a vain attempt to fool you into thinking you were having fun.


Riding an office chair through essentially a downhill slalom whilst avoiding obstacles and mafia thugs who are after you for some reason that is never actually explained is the overriding plot of this game. You might just chalk this up to a game that's too ostentatiously Japanese for western audiences to 'get,' but that would be giving the game too much credit. Kung-Fu Rider just doesn't work on any level.

Your vehicle (aka chair) handled like butter trying to drive through gravy, it just didn't. The way that the control scheme had been mapped to the Move was very counter-intuitive also; to accelerate you had to constantly flick the controller up and down, which is a bit of an issue when a direct up motion resulted in a jump meaning that accidental jumping was commonplace. Constantly moving the controller about was also incredibly exhausting and if you have zero physical endurance like we do then you'd want to have a nice sit down after every level of this abomination.

As always, if you think there are any games that are worth sticking the knife into then let us know...

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