CVG: Comments of the week

Here comes the funny...

Another seven days in the world of video games, another round of mind-tickling news and another barrage of witty comments from The CVG Massive.

Yet again there was no reliance on the crude, rude and lewd as you lot showed that you can come up with comedy Fool's Gold right across the board.

There's also a bit of rude stuff in here as well. Obviously.

Alan Wake 2 speculation grows

I'm not even going to attempt to post in this thread before Stonecold...

Says altitude2k, posting before Stonecold.

Alice: Madness Returns rated Mature - 'prostitution and decapitation'

'prostitution and decapitation'

Sod visiting that Red Light District.

lonewolf2002 has high standards when it comes to red light districts.

Brazil is 'a fascinating setting' for Max Payne 3 - Rockstar

Sounds like some Devs want a free holiday to me....Asset and Art capture indeed...

We don't think that at all Codename21, but we do want to verify the claim for ourselves and so will be travelling to Brazil ourselves... For work.

12th century France was an interesting place, but i don't want to see the next half life set there.

Now that you've said it Obscure_Metaphor, we kinda do. Oh no, wait, we don't.

Battlefield 3: This is what the box looks like

Phwoooooar! Got any other red hot boxes for us? Come on.. get yer sleeve insert out for the lads

davidmhodgey! We told you, later... Everyone's watching!

Hmmm, that guy on the cover doesn't look too happy....Maybe someone p**sed in his tea.

Or maybe people are shooting at him Metatasian.

Max Payne 3 aims to 'constantly surprise and entertain'

*Max's going down the corridor*
*enemy's jumping from behind the corner*
*'surprise', he yells*
*Max's activating bullet time 2.0...*

This is why yourmumwasfun should never be allowed to write the script for a video game.

US Nintendo downloads: Super Bonk

Using 'US Nintendo downloads: Super Bonk' is just asking for trouble on here. Lets see how it works out! Should be a few good ones for Comment of the Week on here now.

EDIT: After a day of waiting we got nothing. I'm disappointed in everyone else that isn't me.

We were just as disappointed as you G_R7.

The Sun steps up 3DS offensive with 'refund row' story

mmh boobs

justforkicks101 - There we go.

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