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Old Sonic vs. New Sonic

Debate: Which blue blur do you prefer?

Thursday brought a gift that would no doubt send most Sega fans spinning around the room with joy; the return of the original Sonic.

A trailer for a brand new, as yet unnamed, Sonic game showed the current blue hedgehog, with his green eyes, long legs and altogether more streamlined physique, sprinting about the place in typical, turbo charged fashion.


"What of it?" we all thought, until he was caught up by a familiar looking but imperatively different hedgehog who was a little bit happier, certainly chubbier and had nothing but black in his eyes.

Excited faces beamed around our offices with the return of classic Sonic and with him memories of better times for the Sega mascot. There were, however, some hints of doubt and cynicism as to whether a retro design would really lead to retro gaming greatness come release.

We want to know what you think about seeing old and new Sonic sprinting side-by-side in the game that will celebrate the hedgehog's 20th anniversary. What are you expecting from the title and what do you hope to see?

More importantly, we want to know where you stand in the debate of old and new. Does the classic Sonic design conjure feelings of happiness in your heart? Does modern Sonic represent nothing but disappointment? Or do you actually favour the leaner, ever so slightly meaner looking design?

Perhaps you couldn't give two turbo boots about character design and are holding back judgement until you actually see a little bit of game design. If so let us know where Sonic has gone wrong/right in the past in your eyes.