Operation Flashpoint: Red River review - 8/10 in OPM

"Sim shooter does war for real" says OPM

Official PlayStation Magazine has delivered its verdict on Codemasters' latest first-person shooter in a fresh Operation Flashpoint Red River review.

The mag awards the game an 8/10 score in its latest issue, describing it as a "hugely satisfying game" that makes you feel like "you own the battlefield".


Unlike other shooters available Red river "requires an understanding of practical military tactics to enjoy", while the mag says the game "doesn't explain them very clearly" basic strategies can be honed from "trial and bloody error".

According to the magazine, beyond the early learning curve is a "smarter, more grown-up shooter" that - once everything drops into place - is "hugely rewarding" experience that has "authenticity" to it.

Playing with others is also "a great communal experience" that rewards thoughtful engagements with "a sense of unity and accomplishment". The review concludes by calling Red River " a welcome change".

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