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Super Street Fight IV PC announcement tomorrow?

Director Yoshinori Ono drops hints as PC is added to ESRB rating

It looks like Super Street Fighter IV may finally be confirmed for PC tomorrow, according to strong hints from the series director Yoshinori Ono.

Fans, as usual, have been bombarding Ono with Street Fighter-related questions via his Twitter account, but one recently garnered an interesting answer from the developer.


Asked simply, "When will we have SSFIV for PC?" Ono replied, "Plz wait until 12th Apr. 8am PST. ;)." That's tomorrow, 4pm in UK - the exact moment the embargo lifts for reports on Capcom's Captivate event which took place last week. That's a pretty strong hint. And he winked. That's crucial.

Elsewhere, PC has been added to the list of formats on the game's ESRB ratings page. The message is clear. Tomorrow's the word.

A recent trailer has already confirmed that SSFIV Arcade Edition content is headed to consoles via a DLC update.

[ SOURCE: Via Siliconera ]