Ace Attorney Investigations 2: 'No plans' for western release

DS sequel may never see release outside of Japan

Capcom has said it has "no plans" to localise Ace Attorney Investigations 2 for gamers outside of Japan.


The follow-up hit Japanese shops in February, and continues the story of Miles Edgeworth as he delves into new investigations alongside Ace Attorney veteran Dick Gumshoe and Kay Faraday, the thief from the first game. It looks great in this Japanese trailer.

According to Capcom big Christian Svensson, though, you may never get to play it (unless you understand crazy Japanese symbols, that is). "Plans change all the time," he told Siliconera before confirming, "There are no plans for a Western release at this time for AAI2." So it's not set in stone but it's looking unlikely.

No reason was given, although we wouldn't be surprised if a fair few DS titles begin falling off the map now that 3DS has stolen the spotlight.

[ SOURCE: Siliconera ]