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Nintendo to publish Solatorobo: Red the Hunter in Europe

Platform holder brings Namco Bandai's Japanese fantasy RPG

Namco Bandai's Solatorobo: Red the Hunter will be released in Europe "later this year" thanks to a new publishing deal with Nintendo.

The platform holder has swooped in to handle sales, marketing and distribution of the DS game throughout European territories, it announced today - almost six months after the game launched in Japan.


Solatorobo: Red the Hunter is a fantasy RPG that puts you in control of an anthropomorphic dog named Red Savarin who has the ability to take on human form, and embark on a quest set on the floating islands of the Shepherd Republic as you battle the giant robot "mecha" and other enemies.

It's anime-style visuals were produced with the help of respected anime artist Nobuteru Yūki (The Vision of Escaflowne), while its movies and cut scenes were done by Madhouse (Marvel Anime, Ninja Scroll, DeathNote, CardCaptor Sakura).

The game received a 33/40 score (9/8/8/8) in Japanese magazine Famitsu. Check out a Japanese trailer below.

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