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BioWare describes Mass Effect 3's 'full-scale war feel', 'ugly' plot

There won't be a sense that you can win for sure, says producer

BioWare's described in detail the feelings it plans to evoke with Mass Effect's final episode, which it says will - at the beginning at least - feel "hopeless", "ugly" and like a "full-scale war".

Speaking in the US Game Informer reveal (hit the link for all the Mass Effect 3 details), executive producer Casey Hudson said the third game will continue the dark tone of Mass Effect 2.


"Yeah [the tone continues]. I don't want to say it's hopelessness, but it's that sense of, given the scale of what you're fighting, how can you possibly win? It's going to take so much coordination and so much force," he said.

"Whereas Mass Effect 2 was sort of stylishly dark - cool and slick, this is much more of a full-scale war feel. You don't really have the luxuries, and you don't have the sense that you can for sure win.

"Deep down, you know that it's going to get ugly and there are things that are going to be lost, even if you win."

Hudson told GI that BioWare's intention is to make the beginning of Mass Effect 3's story "hopeless", but later "you start finding a reason to believe".

"If I tell you that reason to believe right now, then the story up front doesn't make sense when you play, because you're waiting for X to happen. That's thing we don't want to reveal."

In the same interview Hudson teased the possibility of an MMO based in the sci-fi universe and detailed a tweaked combat system.

[ SOURCE: Game Informer ]