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SNES handheld console coming this year

Hyperkin's Supaboy due out this summer

Ready to get nostalgic? Check out US firm Hyperkin's upcoming Supaboy - a fully functioning SNES handheld which plays the original cartridges from Nintendo's early 1990s home console.

At least, it does in the US, where it's happily compatible with old Famicon games. Hyperkin is yet to announce a PAL release for the device - but has confirmed that it's aiming for a summer launch in the States.


The device is still in prototype stage, which you can check out in the images dotted around this very page - but we do know some of its technical specs. The Supaboy weighs 318 grammes (11.2 ounces) and boasts a 3.5 inch LCD screen. The battery is rechargeable, and Hyperkin claims that it lasts around five-and-a-half hours on a single charge.

The Supaboy has an A/V stereo-out to plug into any TV, and can accommodate two classic SNES controllers, as well as allowing play via the on-board D-pad.

CVG has contacted Hyperkin for details on any planned PAL launch or European distribution deal.

The firm is best known in the US for its gaming accessories like its 3DS aluminium shell, but it has launched Genesis (Megadrive) and NES handhelds in the past.

[ SOURCE: Hyperkin ]