Bulletstorm 'Gun Sonata' DLC pack is out

First download content brings two Echoes maps and three MP Anarchy maps

New treats for Bulletstorm fans have been released today in the form of the 'Gun Sonata' download pack via PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace.

The first DLC pack for the over-the-top Epic shooter adds two new Echoes maps - Guns of Stygia and Crash Site, and three new multiplayer Anarchy maps: Hotel Elysium, Villa and Sewers.


Bulletstorm is a score-attack first-person shooter that rewards players big points for chaining together elaborate and incredibly brutal kill combos with over-sized guns and ridiculous physics. It's great fun as our review will tell you.

The Gun Sonata pack costs 800 MS Points on Xbox, or $9.99 via PSN.