Dragon Age: Origins servers suffer 'unidentified failure'

Players hindered by errors over the weekend, BioWare searching for the reason why

BioWare has held its hands up and admitted it has no idea why the Dragon Age: Origins servers ran into widespread issues over the weekend, but is working on it.

The "unidentified failure" of the game's servers rendered players unable to use their downloaded content in the action RPG.


As BioWare explains: "Over the April 9, 2011 weekend, some of our Dragon Age: Origins content servers experienced an as yet unidentified failure."

"As a result, users began to experience error messages when attempting to access their downloadable content, indicating that the DLC was unauthorized," it added, saying, "We apologize for the inconvenience and are currently investigating and working to resolve the issue on our end."

Elsewhere on the official boards (via Joystiq), BioWare said the firm would be performing "maintenance on the servers" today starting midnight PDT (tonight). It's expected to last approximately two or three hours and "should end by 3am PDT Wednesday April 13".

It adds: "During this time, you will not be able to log into the Social site or post on the forums." This is believed to be more for improvements on the website side of operations rather than the game itself, however.

We'll update when we hear more.

[ SOURCE: BioWare Forums ]