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Pokémon Black & White Global Link goes live

The Pokémon Black and White Global Link website has gone live, giving millions of handheld gamers the chance to visit the game's Dream World and get stuck into battles online.

The Global Link site has been live in Japan for some time, but although the games launched in the UK on 4 March, the website hasn't been available to UK or American users until now.


It's worth visiting, too. Once gamers have registered their Game Sync ID, they'll be able to send one of their Pokémon to sleep and transfer it to the Dream World website. From there you can play mini-games, find items and old Pokémon that can't be encountered in the Unova Region. These Pokémon can then be transferred to your copy of Pokémon Black or Pokémon White.

The website also gives you access to the Global Battle Union, which enables you to get stuck into random battles online with other players all over the world. Your battle stats will be saved and will appear on the website where you can see how you rank against other players.

To find out what else you can do, read ONM's Pokémon Black and White Global Link guide.

[ SOURCE: Pokémon Global Link ]