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Black Ops mod tools should arrive next month

Treyarch planning to open the game up as promised pre-launch

Call of Duty: Black Ops developer Treyarch is aiming to release a mod tool kit for the popular shooter next month.

"We are shooting for mod tools release in May," said a Treyarch employee on Twitter. His message was later re-Tweeted by the studio's community manager, Josh Olin.


Treyarch said ahead of the game's release last November that it would release mod tools for the PC version of the game, although the extent of their capabilities remains unclear for now.

"We plan to open the game up for modding sometime post-launch," the studio said last year. "We do not know yet to what extent you will be able to mod the game. There are some purely technical issues related to engine and internal tool enhancements that do not easily fit the modtools paradigm."

Earlier this week, Treyarch also confirmed that the second Black Ops map pack, Escalation, will launch on May 3 for Xbox 360.

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]