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BioWare celebrates Xbox 360's Mass Effect trilogy

It's "cool" we've been able to do it all on one platform, says Zeschuk

BioWare has expressed its satisfaction at being able to release the entire Mass Effect trilogy on a single console platform.

The original Mass Effect released as an Xbox 360 exclusive in 2007, and BioWare is this year set to release the series' final instalment on the same system - a rarity for any home console.

All three titles have also been released on the evergreen, ever-updated PC, of course - but the unlikelihood of Bioware being able to begin and close Commander Shepherd's trilogy in one console cycle hasn't gone unnoticed by the studio's founders, Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka


Muzyka told Game Informer: "It's exciting to be able to deliver an epic trilogy and wrap up the story in a way that's going to be really satisfying, and high impact, and intense. And answer a lot of questions for the fans and bring it to a really satisfying conclusion."

"Another thing that's cool is that we've been able to do it all on the same platform, as well," Zeschuk said, with Muzyka adding: "We've added a platform to the trilogy, too, with PS3."

Quizzed on why BioWare never did release the original game on Sony's platform, Muzyka cited "a range of factors", but ultimately noted that the developer feels the second game is a better showcase for the series.

"We made the determination that the game we thought represented the franchise the best was Mass Effect 2," he told GI. "And we brought it over and are really happy with the result.

"And as a result of investing a lot of effort into ensuring that it ran well and looked great and played great on PS3, now we can bring the trilogy to a close on PS3, and 360, and PC."

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[ SOURCE: Game Informer ]