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Final Fantasy 15: What we want to see

These are our suggestions, but what do YOU want to see?

Final Fantasy is a series that some would argue has lost the plot in recent years. FFXII got very mixed reactions from the fanbase and FFXIII was a colossal disappointment to many with its linearity being a bone of contention.

Square-Enix's latest foray into the MMO market with FFXIV has also proved to be a complete and utter disaster from start to finish. That's not us being overly-critical, Square Enix itself has admitted the game is a bit of a shambles at the moment.

With tons of fans disheartened about the series, what should Square-Enix be doing to reinvigorate it and win them back? We've got some suggestions for your consideration that we're ready to mail directly to Square HQ in Japan if need be.

Don't forget to give us your list of what you want to see in Final Fantasy XV.

It may just be us but back when Final Fantasy was great the worlds were huge and vibrant, towns and dungeons were plentiful and there were interesting NPCs to chat with. The past and its traditional medieval settings were where it was at - traversing plains and forests fighting off swathes of Goblins with naught but a Bronze Sword personified much of the Final Fantasy experience.


We don't want bland futuristic worlds which are devoid of life and interest. A decent fusion between the two would be ideal: Final Fantasy XIII had the vast metropolis of Cocoon and lush greenery of Gran Pulse but explored neither adequately and separated them entirely from each other. The lack of variety within each meant most players got bored of both quickly.

Technology plays too big a part in newer FF games: we don't want Eidolons that turn into motorbikes. We we're happy with the glorified - and undoubtedly more bad ass - Pokemon-like creatures, more of that please.

What happened to the airships? We like huge continents to explore, they offered the chance to explore varied towns and meet new characters, we sorely miss being able to whiz around the world and find hidden islands and treasure in an awesome airship with the latest incarnation of Cid.

World maps open the way to numerous side-quests that often only brave and bold adventurers would find. Tough bosses, new items and maybe even a new summon would be served up as rewards for straying off the beaten path, sadly this is something that Final Fantasy XIII lacked.

Dragon Quest VIII had an enormously detailed world map that you could traverse on foot, by sea and in the air and that was a game that came out last gen. Why has it been decided that Final Fantasy fans no longer want or need big worlds to explore? Sort it out Square Enix.

JRPG characters are a bucket full of clichés, sure, we get that. But why do Square insist in making characters that are just intensely unlikeable?

Voice acting has opened up new opportunities for creating annoying characters and Square Enix has delivered: Vanille from FFXIII had us pulling chunks of hair out with every sentence that she said. We don't care what anyone else says but that was the worst Australian accent we have ever heard. On top of that the poor girl was just a bit dull and stupid, leaving not exactly much in her favour.


Entirely likeable casts are hard to come by but arguably FFXII had more than its fair share of banal characters. Sky Pirate Balthier stood head and shoulders above anyone else in the cast because he was the only one that actually had an interesting back story and some charisma.

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