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The 9 best PSN games

Superb titles on Sony's download service...

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Breakout is the grand-daddy of the brick-breaking genre and arguably nothing's come closer to nicking its crown than Shatter. The game takes much inspiration from the classic but perfects the formula by changing the perception on how a ball should break bricks.

There have been a series of great gameplay additions: players can now use force to push and pull the ball, giving them a greater ability to manipulate the playing field and can also choose to release multiple balls at a time in the ultimate risk vs. reward showdown.


Level design is equally impressive, Shatter turns the game on its side and includes horizontal, vertical, and even round level layouts, to top that off it even has a few boss battles.

Hypnotic 8-bit tunes and trippy visuals create a pulse-pounding futuristic retro aesthetic that makes Shatter a delight to play. This is an incredibly fresh and addictive take on the brick-breaking genre.

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