Alan Titchmarsh in another video games shocker

... as in, he seems to quite like them

If you remember CVG ed Tim being booed by grannies and savaged by a sexpert on last year's Alan Titchmarsh Show, prepare for a big surprise.

The green-fingered presenter and all-round pariah of the industry has once again invited the presence of video games onto his daytime programme... in the form of Nintendo's 3DS. And guess what? He seems to really quite like it.


As you can see in the below clip from ITV1, Titchmarsh even goes so far as to lightly rib Janet Street-Porter for dismissing the joys of gaming off the bat.

It's worth mentioning, however, that Julie Peasgood is nowhere to be seen. Wonder if what Alan's playing on Nintendo's handheld is "addictive" or "promotes hatred, racism, sexism and rewards violence"...

This video is no longer available