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Battlefield 3: 'Like' to unlock 12-minute trailer

DICE sets hefty target for Facebook trailer teaser

DICE has a 12-minute Battlefield 3 trailer, complete with developer commentary, that you need to see more than you need oxygen. But you can't. Not yet, anyway.


It's not setting the trailer free until a whopping 1 million people have clicked the 'Like' button on this teaser page on Facebook (source link below). Some complain that target is too high, but it already has 636,629 'Like's as we type.

You've had plenty of media to be tucking into recently anyway, with the most recent screenshots and art having arrived late last week.

EA says Battlefield 3 has been designed to take down Call of Duty, Activision's shooter that's dominated sales and online servers consistently with its annual iterations.

[ SOURCE: Facebook ]