El Shaddai demo hits PSN

Ignition's artsy, beautiful action game up for a playtest

You can have a crack at Ignition's stunning-looking action game, El Shaddai, right now via a demo on PSN... the Japanese PSN.

That's no bother though, right? You've got that Japanese PSN account we're always telling you to make ready and waiting for such opportunities, haven't you?


El Shaddai is a typically mental Japanese action game with some of the most gorgeous artsy visuals you'll have seen. It follows the a priest who has been chosen by Yaweh to hunt down seven fallen angels, with the purpose of preventing a great flood that will wipe out humanity.

Gameplay is a mix of serene 2D platforming to stunning backdrops and 3D third-person hack 'n slash mayhem. Get the full lowdown in this preview.

It's due out on PS3 and 360 in Japan this month and is US later this year.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]