Portal 2 PS3: No mouse/keyboard support

PS3 gamers unable to utilise PS3's peripheral support for Valve's upcoming smasher

Those of you (us included) who were intending to go mouse/keyboard style with the PS3 version of Portal 2 are out of luck. It won't be supported, Valve has confirmed.


When asked about PS3 mouse/keyboard support, Portal 2's project lead Joshua Weier told the PS Blog: "No, unfortunately we don't do that. The whole game is built around playtesting, which extends to the hardware and how people use it."

He went on to explain: "We have people internally who played on the PS3 - we use it all the time - and we constantly iterated it."

Unlike other PC FPS games though, Weier says mouse and keyboard controls aren't necessary in Portal 2: "Luckily, Portal 2's not a super twitchy, complicated game, so we just focused on making a comfortable controller experience," he said.

We dunno - some of those mid-air flick shots in tougher levels of the first game were much easier with a mouse, and according to numerous trailers there'll be plenty more of that in the sequel.

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[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]