CVG Poll: 3DS games

Which ones do you own?

It's Friday afternoon, which means we already have one eye on the pub and a late afternoon sharpener, but before we exit the building for another weekend of carnage, it's time for another CVG poll.

Over 1500 votes were cast in the last CVG poll when we asked you about whether you'd bought a Nintendo 3DS or if you were going to.

A whopping great 47% proudly displayed your Nintendo love by saying you had, with a further 27% also saying you were going to, so clearly the 3DS is something you likey.

So this week we're following up by asking which 3DS games you actually bought to go along with your console.

You should know the drill by now, but excitingly, this poll also lets you choose multiple answers, so if you bought Pilotwings and PES for example, you can select both.

Feel free to let us know why and your particular favourite in the comments field below. We'll also be taking suggestions for the great CVG Easter poll over the next bank holiday weekend too, so if there's any burning issue you'd like addressed you can let us know that too.