Wii 2 can stream 'entire games' to controller screen

More rumours, anyone? Yes please...

The rumour mill isn't done with Wii 2 yet. Soz. The latest claim is that Nintendo's next console will let you stream 'entire games' to the screen-equipped controller.


CVG revealed that the console's controller will feature a built-in high-resolution screen. IGN later backed up our report, adding that the display will be a touch screen.

Now the site has updated the report with a new source claiming that the console will be able to stream game content and, apparently, 'entire games' to the controller, which will let you continue playing on the go 'like a miniature television'.

This, we imagine, would work similarly to Sony's 'Remote Play' feature on PS3, which lets the console stream a video signal and controls to the PSP via the internet, allowing you to take control of the PS3 and even play select PS3 games on the handheld.

If true, we hope Nintendo improves on Sony's effort, which is often too laggy for gameplay and suffers dropped connections.

The Dreamcast also comes to mind, which let users transfer mini games to its screen-equipped VMUs for additional play on the move (like the Chao virtual pet game transferred from Sonic Adventure) - an idea which we think has more potential. But wouldn't you rather do that with the 3DS than the controller?

French site 01net - which was first to reveal specs on Sony's NGP - also backed CVG's report with more specific details, saying the controller will feature a six-inch touch screen, a front-facing camera, D-Pad, two bumpers, two triggers and "possibly more," and can allegedly be used as a Wii sensor bar.