Battlefield 3: 12 minutes of gameplay

Full-length trailer pieces together the story

DICE has released a massive 12 minutes of gameplay footage from the incredible-looking Battlefield 3 single-player campaign.

Admittedly, much of the footage is from previously released trailers, but this pieces it all together nicely and adds in a fair chunk of all-new footage you'll not have seen before.

This isn't the 12-minute trailer DICE promised to release when its Facebook page gets a million 'Like's, because it hasn't got that many yet. That trailer - which looks to be the same footage but includes producer's commentary - still needs another 150,000 'Like' clicks before its release. But are there 150k people who care that much about dev commentary?

When you're done here DICE released another new trailer on Friday with more new footage. First though, pump this bad boy up to 720p...