'Batman Imposters' domains registered, hint at new game

New XBLA game from Warner Bros. rumoured

It's rumoured that Warner Bros. could be preparing to unveil a new Batman game said to be headed to Xbox Live Arcade.


The rumour, which started off as speculation triggered by now-deleted retailer website listings for a 'Gotham City Imposters', has been further backed up by the recent discovery of multiple new domain names registered by Warner.

They include,,,, and, as spotted by Superannuation.

Each domain seems to make nods to various Batman-related baddies or anime comic book plots, suggesting the rumours could be true, but there's no confirmation as yet.

The first images of the Batman: Arkham City comic book were released earlier this month. The comic picks up events from the final showdown between Bats and the Joker in Arkham Asylum, before showing what happens to The Clown Prince of Crime directly after.

[ SOURCE: Via Joystiq ]