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Portal 2 puzzle throws out Half-Life hint?

More cryptic campaigning from Valve

With the release of Portal 2 drawing ever nearer - and fans working to trigger an early release of the sci-fi puzzler - you'd think Valve would give the internet a bit of a rest.

But, if a couple of cryptic scraps of cyber-tease - thought to be linked to the inventive publisher and its upcoming sequel - are anything to go by, we're not out of the woods yet.

Rock Paper Shotgun's reporting on a Morse Code message broadcasted over the latest Steamcast, apparently unbeknownst to the hosts of the unofficial fan radio show. The message, once decoded, read: "It's not over the others have been compromised."

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The site also points to an encrypted message sent to the ValveARG, which said the following when cracked open:

1. We designed the entire thing to be very, very durable. It was easy to get the materials since everyone's been thinking
it's a simple icebreaker ship. Ha.
2. We have made sure to strip it of anything not necessary, so that we have plenty of space for it. It doesn't have any
backup supplies in the event the crew runs out of food, though. And there isn't much food onboard in the first place.
3. In the event you need to send it off all of a sudden, use the OR box with code 'hb1′.
That's all, C.J. Not much else I can tell you other than this won't leave a blight on our record. Mesa is going to be sore when they see what we've done.

Obviously references to the likes of C.J. - Cave Johnson? - and Borealis have whipped up something of a Half-Life frenzy and we can only hope for some answers come the release of Portal 2.