Portal 2 will launch early

But not by long...

Prompted by a bizarre but cool campaign by Valve, players have been plugging their way through a bunch of Steam indie games in a collective effort to get Portal 2 released early. And they've managed it... just.

Portal 2 would be just hours away from release anyway, but if you're counting the seconds that go by you'll be pleased to know that it's now due to hit Steam a full seven hours earlier than usual.


The typical Steam launch of 7am PT (3pm UK time) has been brought forward to midnight tonight Pacific, according to the GLaDOS boot system thingy countdown at the time of writing. And gamers' ongoing efforts could have it release even sooner.

We wonder what the other countdown on the page, the lower 'Auxiliary Power' ticker, could be counting down to. Our calculations estimate it'll hit zero within seven-or-so hours. So by around midnight. Ooh...

Keep an eye on that countdown here, if you're as excited as we are.

Either way, US-based Xbox 360 and PS3 players can grab the game at midnight if they're feeling perky enough to brave a midnight visit to Walmart, while UK console owners get it this Friday.