Portal 2 review scores sneak out

Praise all around for Valve's sequel

After what feels like an age, Portal 2 has finally been released on Steam and US gamers will no doubt be rushing to their local retailer to get their hands on it.

As is par for the course, review scores have started to appear online and unsurprisingly Valve seems to have delivered another excellent entry in one of its franchises.

On CVG's own Portal 2 review we awarded the game 9.3, calling it "Imaginative, challenging, hilarious and sometimes a bit exhausting" and easily "one of 2011's most interesting, challenging blockbusters".

Here's what everyone thinks...


OXM says while the first Portal was a puzzle game "with a story draped over the top" Portal 2 "tells a specific, hilarious story in a detailed, functioning world". The dialogue is described as "simply exceptional throughout" and puzzles are "challenging rather than difficult". However OXM says the most "the most satisfying inclusion is completely new: the co-op mode". The review finishes by awarding Portal 2 10/10, saying it is "Consistently hilarious" and "remarkably satisfying".

PC Gamer has awarded the game a 94 in its review. It described Valve's second Portal title as "a challenging, hilarious, and mind-expanding puzzle experience for one or two" and advises players to "choose your co-op partner carefully" and "treasure your first time through".

Machinima has given Portal 2 a 10/10 score in its review. It says although the game might not "end up being the watershed "ah ha!" moment that Portal was" it is "better in just about every way possible". The puzzles are described as "more intricate", writing is said to be "better than most movies or TV shows" and the production value is "everything you've come to expect from the guys that brought you Half-Life".

IGN says "Portal 2 makes the original look like the prototype it was", "a larger cast of characters vividly brought to life through brilliant writing", "some of the best voice acting in video games", puzzles that are "are challenging without being unreasonable" and "one of the best co-operative experiences on the market" are mentioned as its strongest features. The game earned an overall score of 9.5 in its review.

Game Informer opens by calling Portal 2 the "the sequel you were hoping for" and concludes by saying "The game's quality stays consistently outstanding throughout; there isn't a minute of filler content to be found anywhere in single-player or co-op". It awarded the game 9.50.

GiantBomb continues the high-score trend and awards the game 5/5, saying the "expansive sequel" manages to retain "the cynical heart of the original Portal" while "blowing out the scale on virtually ever aspect of the execution".

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