Portal 2 is highest rated game of 2011 (so far)

But there are still seven months to go on Metacritic...

UK and US Portal 2 review scores went live this morning, and the outpouring of acclaim from press worldwide has already seen the Valve sequel become the highest rated game of 2011... so far.

As Metracritic shows, Portal 2 on PC currently carries an average review score of 96 per cent. On PS3 the sequel also carries an average press rating of 96 per cent and Xbox 360's sitting on 95 per cent.


Of course there are undoubtedly still many reviews to come - and there's still seven months of the year to go - but it's still impressive that the only game released in 2011 to average anywhere near Portal 2 is Shogun 2: Total War with 90%.

The other collectively top rated titles of the year are Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PC) with 89%, Crysis 2 with 87% and Dead Space 2, which also carries 87%.

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