Alice 3 would 'blend original and Madness Returns' - American McGee

Alice overlord discusses the series' themes and future

When we asked American McGee recently if we'll have to wait as long for Alice 3 as we have for Alice: Madness Returns, the decision seemed largely out of his hands.

"That's the question to ask the EA people. It's hard to say," he conceded in an interview. However, when we asked him if he had ideas for moving the series forward, McGee became far more certain.


"Absolutely. From a thematic standpoint it was always the intention that in the first game she ultimately overcame the psychological world - she overcame the world of her fantasy - and in the second game, one of the core themes is that she's got to maintain or gain control of the physical space, the physical world of reality.

"Were we to push forward into another title after this, there's an opportunity there to show a blending together of those two things. I can't go into a lot of the thinking behind it but certainly there are some thoughts about what we would do if we did another product after this."

CVG was also able to confirm yesterday that Alice: Madness Returns will come with a code allowing console players to download the original Alice.