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CVG's Site Of The Week: Gamer UK

The best bits of gaming goodness on the web...

The cyber counterpart of Official Nintendo Magazine was last to feature as our Site of the Week and now it's time to move on to multi-platform pastures new.

That's why, this week, we're casting our beady eyes and applauding hands over Gamer UK, a relatively young buck but one with more than enough great gaming content to get your teeth into.


Offering some unique bits of gaming feature goodness as well as enough to keep you up to date on essential news and reviews, Gamer UK has planted its feet on the internet as a site with lots to say and a really bright future.

We sat down with founder Tom Ryan-Smith to lay the chat down:

What sets Gamer UK apart from other sites?

As a site we are still growing, so the features that set us apart are expanding constantly. Our biggest assets are probably our original content articles such as "LOUD NOISES" - a feature completely celebrating video game soundtracks and "Chad's Trailer Corner" - a somewhat satirical review of video game trailers, not the games themselves.

Also, unlike most publications, we are based all across the UK with myself from Lancashire, my co-editor in Edinburgh and regular contributor Chad in Stoke. With all of our cultural differences it means we have a very large and rounded opinion on games and also makes our weekly podcast one of the strangest sounding video game conversations you will ever hear!

What would you say you specialise in?

We don't really have a set speciality, we focus on gaming news and reviews as a whole! We look out for the most interesting pieces that break, so really that holds us down to the PC and console markets more than say Android and iOS titles - but we do have future plans for iOS.

I think other than our features, we are yet to completely fall in a niche, but until we do we will continue to bring all the latest news and reviews we can offer!

What do you have planned for the future?

Being such a young site (I only started the site in late January this year) we have so many plans for the future, but it all depends on how things roll over the next few months.

We are currently looking into expanding our weekly podcast into a monthly video podcast (3 audio and 1 video podcast per month), captured completely in Minecraft, which we would use the environments as cues for our gaming discussion. Also we are looking into a lot more video content, as at the moment we mostly rely on written news and reviews.

After summer we are looking into weekly news video features, as I will be able access to a television studio with an easily customisable set, perfect for a weekly news round-up feature.

Later down the line, we'll probably have a site re-design to focus more on community and hopefully break away from the boundaries of Wordpress.