Portal 2: Critics love it, user reviews disagree

Metacritic user reviews going mental over paid DLC, accused console port

Portal 2 is impressing reviewers the world over, but an alarming number of gamers have posted damning user reviews on Metacritic that strongly disagree with the critics.

While critic reviews have given Valve's sequel the highest-rated average score of 2011 so far with a 9.5 on all three platforms, user reviews are averaging as low as 5.2 on Xbox and 6.2 on PC (via 1up).


Why the backlash? It seems a number of users are miffed over Valve's decision to release "$80 worth" (according to users) of download content on day one. They also tout four-hours of play time to completion in the single-player campaign.

Meanwhile PC reviewers are particularly disgruntled at a message in the game that reads "Please don't turn off your console", which could be a simple .txt file mistake, but they insist serves as evidence the PC version is a console port.

On the other hand, it seems the tides are slowly beginning to turn as users who enjoyed the game as much as we did are jumping to its defense - in particular dismissing claims it can be finished in four hours.

We stormed through the solo game in under seven and a half hours (though EA pointed out that's a very quick time) and with a fellow science expert we thrust aside the co-op campaign in around four hours, as we said in our shining Portal 2 review in which we awarded the game a well-deserved 9.3/10.

What's your opinion, CVG readers?

[ SOURCE: Metacritic ]