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Why no Xbox-exclusive Mortal Kombat fighter? Boon explains...

Developer discussions took place, Master Chief and Marcus Fenix mentioned

Kratos appears in the PS3 version of NeverRealms' new Mortal Kombat game, but there's no exclusive character for the Xbox 360 version. Why? It's a secret, says series creator Ed Boon.


"Unfortunately, the circumstances didn't allow us to make a 360 exclusive," Boon told EG, holding back on specific details.

"I'm not allowed to talk too much about it, but I can tell you we certainly wanted to do an exclusive for 360, but that's all I can say. It was not a decision we made where we said, oh, let's not do one for the 360," he added.

Boon wouldn't disclose which character specifically the developer wanted to include, but did name some that would have likely been in discussions.

"Anybody who's really knowledgeable about the Xbox video games, the big titles, names like Master Chief from Halo, Marcus Fenix from Gears of War, and any other Xbox exclusive title, is going to come up in a conversation in talking about it. So clearly we've discussed it," said Boon.

Which Xbox-only character who would you have picked for the 360 version?

[ SOURCE: Eurogamer ]