Stunning Crash Bandicoot mod uses CryEngine 2

We want this now please

Ever wondered what the original Crash Bandicoot game would look like on PlayStation 3 using CryEngine 2?

The answer is 'absolutely amazing' if screenshots of a CryEngine 2 mod for the much-loved, much-aged PlayStation classic are anything to go by.


There are eight shots in total and they show a detailed modern Crash model making his way through beautiful environments with sophisticated textures and lighting.

The modder (whoever you are you beautiful person) has kept the original low-res Crash icon in the top corner though, which didn't even look like Crash back in the day.

Will we ever see this actually released as an official product? Probably not, no.

Crash creators and Naughty Dog co-founders Jason Rubin and Andrew Gavin formed new social-focused developer 'Monkey Gods' last year. The spinning Bandicoot, however, is firmly in Activision's hands.

[ SOURCE: GamersMint ]