God of War 4 coming September 2012 - Source

Respected mag PSM3 points to Sony sequel

God of War 4 is in development and will be released in September 2012, according to respected unofficial PlayStation mag, PSM3.

Last month a CV appeared online referencing a "God of War 4 cinematic test" and although the animator in question has since claimed this has nothing to do with Sony's flagship series, in its latest issue, PSM3 says it's learnt more...


"PSM3 has heard from another source that God of War 4 is coming, and will hit in September 2012," the mag reports in its latest issue, which is out next week and with subscribers now.

"Our source works closely with the God of War universe, and let slip he'd be working on a related project at the same time."

While last year's God of War 3 concluded a trilogy, Santa Monica Studio has said it's "not the end" for the hugely popular PlayStation franchise.

The next game in the series has previous been rumoured to feature online co-op gameplay.

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