Mass Effect 3 details: SWAT moves, dynamic damage and Mars

Spanish mag drops new info

New Mass Effect details have emerged via a Spanish games magazine.

According to the ladies and gents over on the BioWare forums, the unnamed mag reveals new details on the game including plans for dynamic enemy damage, Shepard SWAT moves and possibly even space combat.

Here are your bullet points:

  • The reason that Cerberus is now against Shepard is explained at the beginning of the game.
  • Cerberus' troops include mecha, assault units and ninja-style shock troops.
  • Reapers come in different sizes ranging from 500-600 meters of the smaller ships to 2km for Herald.
  • New skills for Shepard: He can dive in search of cover ala Max Payne, roll, perform a SWAT turn and strike the enemy with greater variety of melee attacks. The mag specifically mentions a new class, "Heavy Melee" that takes advantage of these capabilities.
  • New skills: Engineer can build turrets.
  • Customize weapons with sights etc - there are five variants in each section.
  • More items to "loot."
  • Space Battles? Perhaps, but unconfirmed.
  • Locations include New York, London, a moon of the Krogan world, a Salarian world and Mars, among others.
  • Enemies can suffer dynamic damage. The Cerberus mecha, for example, require that you shoot a weak point - the glass cockpit - in order to destroy them. In other enemies you can cut off their arms and break various pieces of their armour.
  • Fighting is more dynamic, forcing you to move more frequently. Game speed is said to be 15% faster.
  • Exploration: You won't drive vehicles seen in previous games. The main gameplay is designed without them and will continue so. This does not mean that there are no vehicles in the game.

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[ SOURCE: BioWare Forum ]