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Borderlands 2 spotted on CV

E3 reveal on the cards?

While Gearbox Software is currently putting the finishing touches on Duke Nukem Forever ahead of its launch in June (fingers crossed), little is known about what Randy Pitchford and co will do next.

If a CV for freelance artist and animator James Mosingois is any indication, a sequel to statty FPS Borderlands may be the next project in line for the studio.

The CV, which was uncovered by Superannuation, states Mosingo has worked on 'user Interface concepts for Borderlands 2'. The CV has since been updated to remove any mentions of Borderlands 2 but a cached version of the document is still floating about.


Borderlands was the surprise hit of 2009 and Gearbox has since supported the game with regular post-release DLC and updates. Although the studio hasn't mentioned the possibility of a sequel in the past, given its fanbase another game in the series seems like a given.