Mario & Sonic London Olympics confirmed for Wii, 3DS

Internet leak confirms inevitable sequel

Sega's inevitable Mario & Sonic sequel, Mario & Sonic at the London Olympic Games has seemingly been confirmed for 3DS and Wii via a leaked press release.

[UPDATE: It's official.]

Czech site reports that the new instalment in the 19 million-selling series is yet again being developed by Sega Japan, and will see new sports such as football and riding (we're assume that's of the horse kind) introduced.


The 3DS version will contain more than 50 Olympic sports, according to the translation, playable in both single player and the multiplayer modes.

"The Mario & Sonic series has always been extremely popular and we are very proud of this partnership that we can resume with Nintendo for the Olympics in London in 2012," commented Sega US and EU boss, Naoya Tsurumi.

"It's really exciting to be able to create interactive entertainment titles based on the Olympics and also with the characters of Mario and Sonic"

Nintendo America, Reggie Fils-Aime added: "These games join two of the most popular figures in the history of the videogame industry.

"As a veteran of video games and the Olympic Games Mario & Sonic arrives in London as an unparalleled team, offering plenty of entertainment and sports activities for all who want to have fun."

There's no release date as yet.

[ SOURCE: Zing.CZ ]