SOCOM 4: Special Forces "A major evolution but still a core SOCOM title"

Zipper Interactive's Travis Steiner reports for duty

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In terms of the feedback, we definitely take it to heart and we act on what we can and what we think is best for the game. So, certainly some of the biggest feedback we've gotten has been related to the camera system and some of the weapon tuning and those are absolutely things that we can and will adjust.

In general we also want to work with the fans to define what kind of custom variations of the game types we host. So they can give us feedback on movement speed, weapon sets, damage values, respawn types a whole host of things. We then take that feedback and upload custom ranked matches for them to play.

We particularly love the recent victory dances, what other Easter eggs and hidden goodies should players look out for?


There are a couple of other Easter eggs: one of the funny ones is that the main enemy leader in the game is named General Razard and he likes to eat blood oranges, Taroccos. As a kind of nod to Razard, there is a single blood orange hidden in every level that you can try and collect.

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