Suda 51: 'I'd make Burnout violent'

The legendary developer imagines an ideal world

Legendary developer Suda 51 has made enough great games on his own to ever consider jumping to an already established franchise, but that's a far too plain and logical sentiment.

That's why, in an interview with the man who brought us No More Heroes, we asked Goichi Suda what game he'd most like to work on in an ideal world.


To pin the eccentric creative down just a bit, we limited him to EA-only franchises since he's currently working with the publisher and Shinji Mikami to produce the surreal third-person shooter Shadows of the Damned.

"Wow! EA title?" he pondered. "Burnout. Definitely."

When we asked what he'd do to put the Suda stamp on Criterion's franchise the answer was perhaps a little obvious:

"I don't know. I love it so much. I guess I'd add some violence [laughs]. Maybe you can shoot? Criterion may be mad at me for saying this."

Suda also gave CVG the inside scoop on what Shinji Mikami is really like to work with. Have a peek.