Microsoft and Steam shake hands: Fable 3 on the way to Valve's service

Will be on Games For Windows too

The rivalry between Microsoft's Games For Windows Marketplace platform and Valve's Steam service took an interesting turn today - with MS announcing it is to release Fable 3 over both distribution channels.

The Lionhead title will be available for pre-order on both platforms from April 21.


Perhaps predictably, there is an incentive to buy from GFWM. Those who buy from Microsoft's service will receive 'Fable: Lost Chapters' - the start of the Fable saga - for free. Meanwhile, those who purchase on Steam will receive the Rebel's Weapon & Tattoo Pack - a collection of four exclusive weapons and five exclusive tattoo sets.

A Microsoft statement released earlier adds that: "No matter how players decide to purchase Fable III, they will have access to the same exciting content as Xbox 360 players, including riveting Game Add-ons like Traitor's Keep, in addition to new features like a more challenging Hardcore mode and 3-D functionality."

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